About the cast

Learn a little more about the lovable dummies who create Spout Lore.

Abdul Aziz

Abdul Aziz is the self proclaimed “richest person on the podcast.” When we asked him to prove his claim, he disappeared for four days to one of the many warehouses he has access to and returned with the photo you see to the left. When we asked him how he has access to “many warehouses” he threw a dusty chalk brush on the ground, yelled “SMOKE GRENADE” and ripped his pants climbing out a first story window into a thorny rose bush. The last we saw of him he was limping down the street muttering about his “thorny bush.”

Jessica Tai

Jessica Tai is the cool girl in your grade 6 class who you inexplicably tricked into hanging out with you and your nerdy friends. Literally. That’s literally how we got her. Her comedic and storytelling chops are rivaled only by her artistic ability. A talented illustrator and animator in her own right Jessica creates all the art for the podcast and is the reason why the world of Spout Lore is so visually rich. Also, please don’t tell her she’s too cool to hang out with us. We’re fucked if she realizes that.

Paul Oppers

In addition to being one of the funniest comedians and improvisers on Vancouver Island, Paul Oppers is a mysterious and intriguing mountain man who wanders the woods of southern Vancouver Island looking for the peace harmony that exists in the spaces between the redwood trees. Also mushrooms. He loves mushrooms.

Shawn O’Hara

Shawn O’Hara grew up in the small town of Langford, British Columbia, where he discovered a love of Role Playing Games at the tender age of eight. Unfortunately for Shawn the standard pastime for Langfordian boys was fist fighting over hockey scores and setting off fireworks in the parking lot of the “good Tim Hortons.” So, having no one to play with, Shawn spent his formative years committing the contents of every single RPG rule book to memory. With a vice-like mind for anything fantasy and RPG related coupled with his stage and comedy training is what makes him the amazing Game Master we know and love.