The Characters

The emotional heart of the show revolves around the relationship between the three main characters. While they may be dumb, shiftless, shortsighted, generally obstinate, bad with money, occasionally violent, and generally bad with women; they truly and honestly care for each other. Over the course of the show they find within one another a sense of family and belonging that they have each been longing for their entire lives.

Tachoma Dhaume

Tuk is the linebacker in your high school who everyone was afraid of until he cried during a reading of Robert Frost’s Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening. Remember that guy? People made fun of him about that for a couple of weeks but stopped when he flipped the English teacher’s car with his bare hands after she made fun of his submission to the poetry competition. Take that guy, give him an axe and a loin cloth and you’ve got Tuk!

Fat Billie

Fat Billie is basically the fantasy equivalent of that uncontrollable kid in your apartment complex who ran around naked 90 percent of the time and somehow still managed to get chocolate stains on all of his shirts. You remember the one, you babysat for him once and you had to call his parents to come home early because he pissed in the dryer and when you tried to give him a time out he pulled a knife on you. Mix in a dash of recklessness, some throwing knives, a racoon skin cloak and imagine he’s a two foot tall, two foot wide halfling with a voracious hunger for potatoes and that’s Fat Billie. 

Vyng Vang Zoombah

Remember the older kid in your school who skipped class, smoked, and quoted Emmanual Kant? You went over to his house once for dinner and his mom and dad stared coldly at each other through the whole thing, then at the end they announced they were getting a divorce. That’s Vyng. He’s moody, wise, quiet, intense. He’s got profound daddy issues and is strangely good with women. 

The Game Master

Our gloriously talented and long suffering game master Shawn is the one who creates our world, weaves our story and plays every single character that Tuk has tried to bone down with*.

*Shawn and Abdul are both acutely aware of this