Porn Scorpions

The party prepares a delicious dinner for two while discussing a Makaalan arachnid with a very… specific hunting style


In the far off reaches of the Spirit World, Vyng and friends come face-to-face with the proudest of the proud: EAGLE

Respect Our Name

A fight gets personal and Billie calls on the ancient bond of name similarity

Saving Privateer Milton

Fat Billie puts it all on the line to save the life of Milton, the lamest pirate there ever was

Customs House

The description of a run-of-the-mill Customs House becomes nothing short of a mutiny

Pirate Party

The party blows off some steam with the roughest, toughest, ship-building-est scallywags this side of the Sea of Graves

The Pinewood Players Present

A group of enthusiastic youths performs a re-run of their favourite serial teen drama: Lone Tree Hill

All Raccoons Are Catholic

Vyng strikes up a conversation with a particularly emphatic raccoon as the gang bungles yet another stealthy operation

Nimble’s Gonna Live Foreva!

Everyone’s “favourite” ragamuffin gives the party some vital info

Brent’s Turnip Farmer

In an unprecedented event guest player Brent Constantine creates and voices his own NPC

Don’t you forget about Meers

The party helps their 14-year-old charge make an unforgettable impression on a teenaged crush