Season Two: The Boy & The Box

Escaping Mudlark, the gang start to realize they’ve bitten off more than they can chew.

Episode 1 – Shambles

It’s a long way out of the swamp.

[Content Warning: Elementals, Delirium, Nudity]

Episode 2 – Ransack! Ransack! Ransack!

The gang discovers a new town and makes some new friends…

[Content Warning: Ransacking, Double Nudity, Slam Poetry]

Episode 3 – To The Fording Point

A river is crossed. Not a metaphor.

[Content Warning: Taint Vibrations, Alternative Medicine, Fantasy Soup Ingredients]

Episode 4 – Bullrush Nights

Sometimes it can be hard to get to sleep. Especially when Tuk is calling your name to save you from the dark.

[Content Warning: Lonely Birthdays, Ominous Dreams, Evanescence]

Episode 5 – Infinite Homages to Innumerable Patrons

If you can’t handle me at my gator attack, you don’t deserve me at my murderous fugue.

[Content Warning: Cock Attack, Croc Attack, Monologuing]

Episode 6 – Dreams

Tuk’s dream of acquiring armour quickly turns into a macabre nightmare for the villagers who get in his way.

Billy takes a couple of naps.

[Content Warning: Destruction of Property, Ventriloquism, Terribly Incompetent Bartering]

Episode 7 – John Wick!

Billy steals food yet again, Tuk attacks yet another tree, and this time it’s Vyng’s turn to scare the crap out of one of the locals.

Featuring surprise(d) guest Sophie Buddle.

[Content Warning: John Wick, John Wick, John Wick]

Episode 8 – Goodnight, Lerm

Learning about Lerm’s life.
Billy has another dream.

[Content Warning: Paranoia, Foul Language, Cloaks That Don’t Exist In A Traditional Sense (Currently)]

Episode 9 – Storms

Journeys spiritual, physical, seasonal.

[Content Warning: Spirit Realms, Granola Theft, Tree Exaggeration]

Episode 10 – The Pool

Brought to you by Capri Sun.

[Content Warning: Nudity, Swears, Feels]