Season Three: The Place Between

The gang walks a road not often travelled to try and save the one who was lost.

Episode 1 – The Road to Highspear

The long journey to Highspear for answers begins.

Also, welcome to our new player Mark. We don’t meet his character yet, but that will probably come soon.

[Content Warning: Terminal Embarrassment, Celine Dion Scenarios, Waterslide Rumours]

Episode 2 – Gatekeepers

The gang enters a city, a mall, an office.

[Content Warning: Illicit Weapons, Police Corruption, Paperwork]

Episode 3 – Honey Flustered

Seathan deals with a bee problem. But aren’t the bees just a symptom of larger systematic issues with the justice system?

Yes, probably.

[Content Warning: Fire, Bees, Child Labour]

Episode 4 – The Yesterday of Today

Tuk and Billie get some new clothes and travel to Yesterland.

[Content Warning: Fantasy Anachronisms, Fantasy Racial Tension, Fantasy Name Judgement]

Episode 5 – Reversal of Fortunes

Getting new photo ID is always a hassle.

[Content Warning: Theft, Violence, Hot Meat Boys]

Episode 6 – Gangs of Highspear

Always lots to learn at the mall.

[Content Warning: Violence, Gluttony, Envy]

Episode 7 – The Other Side

You know the day destroys the night, night divides the day.

[Content Warning: Intentional Drug Use, Unintentional Drug Use, Freaky Spirits]

Episode 8 – The One Tree Forest

Lost in the one tree forest, in the dark, with a big glowing fish.

[Content Warning: Sexual Undulation, Fishy Abomination, Blatant Fabrication]

Episode 9 – The Nature of a Rock is to Chill

How do you like them wapples?

[Content Warning: Gary, Garry, Garry]

Episode 10 – Rootless

The ghost root finally kicks in.

[Content Warning: Larry, Terry, Chad]

Episode 11 – The Wasp Nest

You hear buzzing deep within.

[Content Warning: Wasps, Wasps, Wasps]

Episode 12 – The Mountain

A long walk through the spirit realm.

[Content Warning: Owl, Elk, Polar Bear]

Episode 13 – The Plains

The spirits help Vyng make his way off the Mountain and into the Plains.

[Content Warning: Management Skills, Eagle Theme Song Riffs]

Episode 14 – The Dustbowl

The spirits help Vyng make the trek through the dangerous domain of Wasp.

[Content Warning: Polar Bees, Fantasy Generators, Pizza]

Episode 15 – You Gotta Go In To Get Out

Vyng and the spirits finally encounter the infamous Wasp.

[Content Warning: Flobhockey, Mysterious Items, Narrative Convergence]

Episode 16 – Reunion

Our intrepid heroes finally reunite with their lost friend.

[Content Warning: Bad Tattoos, Flammable Situations, Drama]

Episode 17 – The Escape

After finally being reunited our daring heroes must escape the lair of Wasp.

[Content Warning: Bullying, Croissant Love, Municipal Hate

Episode 18 – A Journey To Return

In the season finale, the party makes the long trek home and a sacrifice is made along the way.

[Content Warning: Beach Shenanigans, Dick Jokes, Feels]