Season Four: Into The Woods

Tuk, Billie and Vyng embark on the last leg of their journey to The Vault

Episode 1 – The Mender’s Reckoning

As the party returns to the Highspear Mall they find themselves having to settle some old accounts.

[Content Warning: Rumors, Nostalgia, Wild Axe Moves]

Episode 2 – Back in the Saddle Again

The gang takes yet another job from the Menders, and also takes way too long to leave a mall.

[Content Warning: Lunchables, Flirtatious Interactions, Bronchitis]

Episode 3 – Reflections

A few days on the road gives the gang a chance to reflect and relax while leading them straight into a crippling logistical problem.

[Content Warning: Paella, Saffron, Correct-splaining]

Episode 4 – Pinewood

Arriving at Pinewood just before the monsoons, the gang show their dedication to the Menders’ quest by taking another job.

[Content Warning: Free Range Parenting, Goldstream Park, Rubber Trees]

Episode 5 – Pinewood Nights

The gang enjoys a night of revelry and engages in the most time honored of party traditions, the conga.

[Content Warning: Misunderstood Traditions, Singing, Actual Sex]

Episode 6 – Into The Woods

After a long night of partying the gang sets off to find the tree feller. Vyng must contend with the consequences of his actions.

[Content Warning: Disguises, Hangovers, Vev]

Episode 7 – They Dug Too Deeply Too Hungrily

The gang investigates the mystery of the strange moss at the logging camp and Vyng gets drunk again.

[Content Warning: Fanny Packs, Cha-Bear, Money Cake]

Episode 8 – Don’t You Forget About Meers

The gang wraps up their business in Pinewood in near biblical fashion. Then we go camping!

[Content Warning: Gold, Stream, Park]

Episode 9 – The Vault

Finally arriving at The Vault, the party is faced with a tough decision.

[Content Warning: Diarrhea, Stained Glass, Danger Zones]