Season Five: Beach Party Summer

We’ve gotta be starting somethin’

Episode 1 – Trust Goes Both Ways

Tensions are high as the party deals with the aftermath of releasing a wizard into the world.

[Content Warning: Troll Blacelets, Air Quotes, New Worms]

Episode 2 – Beach Day

The party enjoys the first day of their much deserved vacation with some good old fashion beach fun.

[Content Warning: Dramatic Visions, Retail Nightmares, Traumatic Visions]

Episode 3 – Lil Sir

A mere handful of days into their vacation the gang takes yet another job from yet another mayor.

[Content Warning: Artisanal Cheeses, Smoked Fish, Low Stakes]

Episode 4 – To Brenda With Love

Our intrepid heroes bring their plans to completion, in more ways than one.

[Content Warning: Spaghetti Squash, Porn Scorpion, Actual Sex]

Episode 5 – Crystal Bay

The party finally arrives at Crystal Bay, and Shawn finally threatens to kick Abdul off the podcast.

[Content Warning: Tourist Traps, Chicken Fights, Squatters Rights]

Episode 6 – Allison

The gang gets to know the infamous Allison while continuing their unbroken streak of getting kicked out of bars.

[Content Warning: Birginities, Fantasy Shit, Julianne Moore]

Episode 7 – Crazy, Stupid, Love

The gang continues to contend with the return of Tuk’s old flame as they attempt to deal with the Crystal Bay Pirates.

[Content Warning: Dawson’s Creek Spoilers, Underage Drinking, Trademark Violations]

Episode 8 – The Pirate Queen

The gang negotiates an exit strategy for Allison, and Billie gets diarrhea…again.

[Content Warning: Spice Girls, Blood Pacts, Eye Stuff]

Episode 9 – Pier Pressure

The gang endeavors to commit grand larceny in service to the Crystal Bay Pirates, and only manage to get side tracked twice along the way.

[Content Warning: Bad Architecture, Good Architecture, Pizza Cones]

Episode 10 – The Best Pirate I’ve Ever Seen

…so it would seem.

*Pirates of the Caribbean Theme plays*

[Content Warning: Grand Larceny, Domestic Terrorism, Gross World-building]

Episode 11 – Three Sheets to the Wind

The gang completes their mission for the crystal bay pirates.

[Content Warning: Dance Fighting, Carousing, Rom-Com Scenarios]

Episode 12 – Masquerade

The gang finally finds Allison and gets a little more than they bargained for in the process.

[Content Warning: Sweater Song, Catholic Raccoons, Drag]

Episode 13 – I Wish She Cared More

The gang is faced with some tough choices as they decide what to do with Allison.

[Content Warning: False Starts, Bottle Episode, Goosebumps]

Episode 14 – A Fire Sale on Pomegranate

The gang incites a minor riot then confronts Jaunter at the library.

[Content Warning: Sauce Monkeys, Fight Puns, Lionel Mackenzie King]

Episode 15 – The Thunder Rolls

The gang gets separated and some of them fall into the clutches of the mysterious Light Guard.

[Content Warning: Vases, Swim Lessons, d’Artagnan]

Episode 16 – Listen All Y’all, it’s a Sabotage

The gang further antagonizes the Light Guard, and the cast commit pretty flagrant copyright infringement.

[Content Warning: Mike D, MCA, Ad-Rock]

Episode 17 – Truths

Our intrepid heroes are faced with some difficult truths, and Meers reveals a dark secret about himself.

[Content Warning: Reclamation Errors, Butt Demons, Cup Play]

Episode 18 – Rider on the Storm

Things come to a head with the Light Guard as our heroes try to escape Crystal Bay.

[Content Warning: Vern, Tyler, Rubsy]