Season Six: The Old Man & The Sea

…not the one you’re thinking about.

Episode 1 – Chimes

Things get dark as the gang gets pulled into the Sea of Graves.

[Content Warning: Chaos, Malice, Storms]

Episode 2 – Hither and Yon

The party gets some much needed rest following their rescue at the hands of the mysterious pirate Chimes.

[Content Warning: Exposition, Chowder, Sexist Prayers]

Episode 3 – Cerulean Depths Seen From a Great Height

The true Cerulean Depths are the friends we made along the way.

[Content Warning: Runes, Carcinology, Herpetology]

Episode 4 – Flotsam

The party stumbles upon a strange community in the Sea of Graves and ultimately barters with the mayor.

[Content Warning: Anachronisms, Stolen Kisses, Evam]

Episode 5 – Jetsam

“We could have spent a lot of time here guys” – Shawn O’Hara

[Content Warning: Centaur Art, Lost Narrative Arcs, Hypothetical Cannibalism]

Episode 6 – The Green Pillar

The party has a brief respite
from the catastrophic failures of the previous session.

[Content Warning: Finger Shame, Gravy Shame, Lilo & Stitch Fan Fiction]

Episode 7 – Aquaria

The gang partakes in their first ever dungeon crawl!

[Content Warnings: Friendly Fire, Drag Race References, Exposition Dumps]

Episode 8 – The Test

The gang push forward to get to the treasure at the center of Aquaria’s tower.

[Content Warning: Wizard Drama, Potentially Problematic Accents, Pete]

Episode 9 – The Breaking of the Chains

The gang gets some much needed R&R, then they run afoul of some marine mammals.

[Content Warning: Near Larceny, Horny Monsters, Second Person Present Tense]

Episode 10 – The Eye of the Storm

The gang goes toe to fin with an Unkindness of Mermaids.

[Content Warning: Acoustic Temptations, Aquatic Temptations, Terrible Guitar Riffs]

Episode 11 – Memoriam

The gang finally closes in on Perell and stumble into the secret at the heart of the Sea of Graves.

[Content Warning: Amateur Autopsies, Conspiracy to Commit Grave Robbing, Grave Robbing]

Episode 12 – A Door Beneath

A door beneath the ocean floor, it needs a lock and nothing more.

[Content Warning: Spirit Stuff, Magic Stuff, Family Stuff]