Season Seven: Makaal

The Eternal Flame of the West

Episode 0 – Season 7 Character Creation

The cast creates new classes for their characters to usher in the next phase of the story.

[Content Warning: Faerie Child, Fighty Monk, Idiot]

Episode 1 – Kaj’s Place

The party explores a brand new city on a brand new continent and make brand new enemies in municipal government.

[Content Warning: Day Jobs, Socialist Dwarves, Generous Benefits Packages]

Episode 2 – The Codex

The gang infiltrates a municipal building to steal some information on public infrastructure. The stakes have never been higher.

[Content Warning: Vance, Vance, Vance, Vance, Vance]

Episode 3 – Moth Form

The stakes raise incrementally as the gang gets ready to explore some disused city infrastructure.

[Content Warning: Roommate Drama, Protein Powder, Teens]

Episode 4 – The Well

The gang crawls through both literal and figurative shit in their commitment to commit a B and E at a library.

[Content Warning: Chuds, Chodes, Chuuls (sp?)]

Episode 5 – Bookworms

The gang stealthily* and tactically* infiltrate the Marghani Library.

*At this point, if you believed either of those adjectives that’s on you

[Content Warning: Pipes, Heights, Nerd Fights]

Episode 6 – The Library

The gang faces their greatest challenge yet: Books.

[Content Warning: Caterpillar Murder, Magic Systems, Mall Brats]

Episode 7 – Study Group

The stakes continue to rise as the gang spends an evening casually perusing the stacks of the Marghani Library. Also, we make a plan to have a bath.

[Content Warnings: Book Theft, Mild Interrogations, Failed Negotiations]

Episode 8 – Spa Day

The gang takes some much needed Rest and Relaxation at the Desert Flower Spa and Bath House, and learn a bit about the political landscape of Makaal.

[Content Warning: Metaphysical Speculation, Political Intrigue, Steam Voles]

We’ve Gotta Start Setting Some Firmer Boundaries

The gang runs afoul of no less than 4 different elements of Makaal’s seedy underbelly.

[Content Warning: Accidental Larceny, Musical Ambiguity, Shoe Conversations]

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[Content Warning: X Games, Tony Hawk, Hot Dogs]